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Commission slots: :bulletpurple: 9-page comic for :iconserpenna: and their character serpenna and the Skylanders.
Status: pages sketched, now scanning and drawing line-art digitally.



Commissions? Just go to this link -



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I'm currently going through my thursday and tuesday night class called 'beginning drawing.' Helps build my my drawing techniques!

Actually, there are a lot of things that are weighing down on my chest, but I’ll just take off a few weights at a time. …It’s about shipping again. I’ve never had the desire to “ship” characters until I reached sixteen. Sometimes I’d draw my own characters and forcefully put them in love with highly established characters that are owned by a large corporation. In other words, I shipped my OC’s with copyrighted characters, such as sonic the hedgehog. I’ve met some friends that loved to draw, but I assumed they weren’t into shipping (I never asked them). Once I learned how to use a windows vista computer, I came to this website and I felt like I was in a good place. Yet, I didn’t have the motivation to draw shipped characters. I dreamed and desired these things, but never bothered to draw them because there were SO MANY artists here that fulfilled that desire for me, still as I’ve gotten older and wiser I realized this was…kind of unhealthy. I left my deviant art account dead for two years because of this…


Why did I “ship” or forcefully put characters together (whether they’re mine or not) without reason? I asked myself this question and here is my conclusion; my hearts’ desire is what drove me to ship characters together, even if it made no sense! I shipped stuff based on my feelings, rather than having any reasonable thinking behind what I was shipping. Honestly, life is too short for me to make two characters fall in love because I thought or if someone else believes it would be “cute.” I’m in that mindset of shipping my own characters and pairing them together for a logical reason. I had this exact mindset when I came back to this website and decided to make some fan art comics. Also, I will never ship copyrighted characters together. If it was a commission, I would need to make this pairing make sense and if I can’t, I’ll have to decline it. Also, there is no way I’m shipping copyrighted characters for free.


As artists, we have so many emotions and desires and it is displayed on our drawings. Then again, you don’t have to be an artist to have emotions or desires. Personally, I’ve allowed my own desire to ship as the teenager I was that taking over my way of creating art. Keep in mind, I’m only speaking for myself. If other individuals feel this character would work well with that character, fine. I don’t mind questions or concerns about whether I believe or if someone else believes this character or that character could be together, but I’d rather it was our OC’s than some SEGA, Nintendo, Sony, Hasbro or any other copyrighted character.


Now you know why over the last two years of making those last two fanart comics, I’ve been very hesitant on shipping certain characters that have been heavily requested to me. I’ve made some teases, but I’ll never ship ‘em because the brand of that franchise is not about rushed love, but action, adventure and more action.

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If your fav Skylander jumped out of the tv and met you in real life what would you do? 

16 deviants said Hang out with 'em
14 deviants said Love him, hug him, and dress him against his will!
2 deviants said I would freak out and jump out of my bedroom window!
1 deviant said I don't know...
1 deviant said Call 911



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Bree2002 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Can you do a comic of my favourite ship Drobot and whirlwind?
oogaboogaz Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
is this a request? If so, I cannot.
Bree2002 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
No just a idea well....nobody hardly likes this ship and I want to try and make it popular by getting good artist to draw them
zamosc102 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Happy New Year 2015

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Teletubbies ha ha ha
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Your comics are fantastic! :D
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