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I absolutely LOVE comics, more so than animated cartoons and video games. The first time I ever drew anything was a circle and I was, like 5 years old. When I reached the age of eight, my mother took me to a local professional artist named Mrs. Rosa and she believed that I could be a great painter, however this was not the case because all I ever did was buy the Sunday newspaper and started drawing my favorite comics. We still did some painting, but painting wasn’t really my thing. All I ever wanted to do was draw comics.  

That same year, I remember going to the YMCA and I believe I got third for best art in my group. I think I drew a Jamaican Duck and named her Sara. During middle and high school, I was pretty popular for my comics, despite not wanting to be popular, still I was okay with it.

Interestingly enough, my dad also was an artist and went to school for it, but he kinda stopped once he got older. Me? I’m not going to stop. I didn’t do much drawing while I was in Private community College and a for-profit University, but now that I’ve grown weary of trying to “chase” after a piece of paper, I will get back to what I love to do. I wanted to get into Full Sail or The Art Institute, but these art Universities are so expensive and I’ve no interest in being a slave to the lender (even though in a society like this we have no choice...)! I already had to pay $1567out of pocket just to get out of debt. I’m not interested in anymore debt. It’s too expensive to get IN college and its too expensive to get OUT of it!

The BIGGEST influences that inspire me to be a comic artists is Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, and Peanuts. Notable mentions are Pickles and Buckles.

1. Calvin and Hobbes are filled with so much Wisdom! My ABSOLUTE FAV!
Calvin by oogaboogaz

2. Garfield is, at times filled with Wisdom, but its humor is definitely one-of-a-kind. Regardless of how…simple it is.

2014-08-26 by oogaboogaz

3. Peanuts. ‘Nough said.
Pe C130921 by oogaboogaz

4. Buckles isn’t the most popular as he was anymore, but its still good.
Buckles May 25 by oogaboogaz

5. These Wise-cracking jokes are good.
Pickles July12 by oogaboogaz

With these comics that I read often, I hope that my action and adventure story Flare and Fire and my splice of life story Joe, Joey and Joseph takes off in a big way.

  • Listening to: Jazz
  • Reading: comics
  • Watching: Nothin'
  • Playing: video games
  • Eating: healthy
  • Drinking: coconut milk


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